Hilliard, Ohio
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Early in a tree’s life it is important to prune to encourage a dominate main-stem leader. This service also would include removal of diseased, rubbing and broken limbs. Every leaf is a source of food for the tree, so we always try to keep our wounds as small as possible while still meeting the needs of the tree and homeowners.
Services Sykes Tree Service Provides
The removal of dead limbs from a tree. We recommend removal of any dead limb that is 2-3" and larger at the base as well as broken or hanging limbs in the tree.

We suggest 10 feet of vertical clearance from your roof. Also, no branch should be touching the side of your home or business. It's also recommended to have 10 to 12 feet of clearance from the ground to allow for easy travel under the tree.
The purpose of stump grinding is preventing regrowth, so proper technique is vital. If not properly done, surface roots can be missed and proper root separation may not be achieved. With stump grinding, it is important to hire an expert who will ensure it’s done properly.

Want to do the clean up yourself? We are able to safely get a tree on the ground or fall the tree from the base if possible.
When the location of a tree prevents the use of a bucket truck we use traditional removal. Our crew will use ropes and rigging equipment to remove the tree.
Bucket Truck Removal 
​Bucket Truck removal is one of the safest and fastest way to remove a tree when operated by a trained professional. Sykes Tree Service is experienced and trained to make safety a priority.